Johnny Coleman: vocals, acoustic/slide guitar (Blue Manner Haze, Mad Tongues, Electric Fetus)
Nico Engerer: electric guitars (Mad Tongues, Electric Fetus)
Olli Holzner: acoustic and electric bass (Blue Manner Haze)
Like all good stories; it started in a cold dusty cellar:
Two dudes, Nico & myself started meeting and jamming out some ideas on two acoustic guitars in my cellar, recording them old-school on a beaten up cassette player. Those ideas were the early songs of Sloe Gin.
Sloe Gin is a very fluid thing: I had/have a lot of enthusiasm to write some American highway songs (fusion of blues, rock n roll, country and several other elements) on my acoustic guitar. Together with Nico, the other founding member, we got the first CD released, Weirdo Love, with the help of Cesar Palma (Mexico City) on piano and organ, and Sandra M. on backing vocals.
Olli Holzner (acoustic and electric bass) has joined the band changing the band to a trio. Together the 3 of us have recorded and mixed the second CD, 13 Tales of Crime; including special guests: Denise Nix on backing vocals, Cesar Palma (Mexico City) on piano, and Jay Montone on percussion.
What’s the future of the band? Well, as long as were having fun, we’re gonna make music.
Hope to see you around.